Toilet Bowl Installation / Replacement

Toilet bowls are our daily necessity and is being installed or replaced every day around the world. Especially in Singapore, with more rules and regulations required to replace/install bathroom accessories, it is expected for plumbing companies to cover the job for our people.


And when it comes to BTO flats, usually all bathrooms comes with a standardized toilet bowl. Therefore, if you wish to have your preferred brand or design of the toilet bowl without hacking of the tiles, you would have to look for a plumber to help you replace your them professionally without damaging the tiles so as not to incur more cost. 


In the market, there are way too many design, brand, and type of toilet bowl, thus is it important for you to choose the best for yourself and your loved ones. Toilet bowls varies from floor-mounted toilet bowls, wall-mounted toilet bowls, 1 piece toilet bowls or even 2 piece toilets bowls with different flushing system. If you have any enquiries on the different types of toilet bowls, feel free to contact SG Plumber as we are a team of experienced and professional plumbers to solve all your issue/problems. Contact/WhatsApp us at 87888108 to schedule a non-obligation appointment with us.