Our Services

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Our team uses both manual and/or latest machinery to clear all chokes and clogs depending on situation.


  • Clear Bathroom/Toilet Choke

(Including toilet bowls, wash basin, drainage, floor traps and pipings. ​

  • Clear Kitchen sink choke

  • Clear Floor trap choke

  • Clear Drainage pipe choke

  • Clear Water pipes choke

  • Clogged Sink Repair

  • Clogged Toilet Repair

  • Clogged Drain Repair

  • Drain Cleaning

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Solving leakage and repairing of pipes


  • Leaking pipe or burst pipe repair

  • Sink Pipe Repair

  • Shower leak Repair

  • Toilet & Toilet bowl leak Repair

  • Toilet Flush system / Toilet Flush tank leakage Repair

  • Faucet / tap leak Repair

  • Toilet/Bathroom Leak Repair

  • Water leakage detection (visual inspection only)

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plumbing installation & replacement

Our team specialise in installing and replacing of used or new sanitary wares and fittings



  • Toilet bowl Replacement / Installation

  • Shower Head / Shower Set Installation / Replacement

  • Shower Mixer Tap/Faucet Installation / Replacement

  • Wash Basin Tap/Faucet Installation / Replacement

  • Toilet Flush System / Toilet Flush Tank Installation / Replacement (Inside Toilet Cistern)

  • Bidet Spray Installation / Replacement


  • Kitchen Sink Tap/Faucet Installation / Replacement

  • Kitchen Sink Bottle Trap Installation / Replacement

  • Kitchen Sink Installation / Replacement