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SG Plumber Price Guide

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We aim to provide all customer with honesty and affordable pricing to everyone. Price quoted is based on past work by our team whom are highly experienced plumbers. All price stated is nett price and inclusive of transport, labour and materials*. 

Before the plumbing works, our plumbers will check the plumbing issues you have and quote a price to you. Upon agreement of both sides, they will head down and solve the issue for you. If we are unable to assess the problem through call/WhatsApp and have to go down for a site inspection, there will be a small transport fee of $10 included which can be waived from the total bill if you engage our services. 

Description of Service
(All price is inclusive of transport, labour and materials*/additional spare parts)


1. Clogged/Choked toilet bowl      

2. Clogged/Choked floor trap/Drainage pipe        

3. Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl (replace new siphon)  

4. Repair leakage at exposed copper pipe or UPVC pipe      

5. Supply & replace toilet / water closet flush system            

6. Replacement of Shower set            

7. Replacement of kitchen sink/ taps / faucet (normal type)            

8. Supply and replace bottle trap for kitchen sink                               

9. Replacement of sink / wash basin / Cistern flexible hose                                  


10. Supply and install toilet bowl set        

11. Supply and install basin      


From $ 60+ 

From $ 60+

From $ 80+

From $ 80+

From $ 80+

From $ 100+

From $ 60+

From $ 50+

From $ 40+

From $ 250+

From $ 150+