About Us


In SG Plumber with experience of 5 to 10 years, our Plumber team dedicate ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction as our top priority and we will always give our utmost effort to all projects.

At SG Plumber, we wish to keep things fast and efficient by offering plumber - customer direct communication to ensure we understand the situation without having customers to repeat over and over again. 

Personalized Approach


Excellence and Professionalism

At SG Plumber, we stand by "Customer's satisfaction is our utmost priority! A smile says it all and happy clients = happy us!!! "

We wish to provide excellence and professionalism at the same time to all our customers!


Insured and Guaranteed

Problem not solved = No payment needed!

We guaranteed all jobs to be done nicely and perfectly! Fast & Efficient! 

All project comes with a 30 days warranty! 

*terms and conditions applies